First National Capital Markets, Inc. (FNCM) is a full service broker-dealer for corporate and institutional clients throughout the Midwest. With a focus on understanding our client's capital market needs and delivering relevant solutions to match those needs, FNCM currently maintains a product menu that ranges from money market and fixed income trading to interest rate derivatives, and financial strategies; along with targeted public finance capabilities.

Fixed Income

Understanding the complexities of today's fixed income markets requires seasoned professionals. That's why investors are choosing the investment professionals at First National Capital Markets. Our team offers a multidisciplinary approach to plotting your course, drawing on years of real-world experience in the banking, insurance, municipal and public sectors. What results is the presentation of opportunities that fit the institutional investor, never the other way around.

Money Market

On an ever-changing horizon, our team remains focused on understanding the complexities of the money market sector through daily market and financial strategy meetings, along with relevant compliance updates. Investors can look to the investment professionals at First National Capital Markets to guide them through the nuances of the short-term money market offerings.

Financial Strategies

Maintaining the right direction is crucial in managing your investment portfolio. First National Capital Markets can help with a sophisticated array of reporting and analytical tools. Using one of the most comprehensive web-based systems in the industry, our financial strategy professionals can fulfill your portfolio management needs with customized reports on where you've been and where you're heading.

Public Finance

The Public Finance team partners with municipalities, non-profit organizations, and corporations who desire to issue debt for the financing of new facilities, equipment, infrastructure improvements, or the refinancing of existing debt.